Who we are

Who we are

For the Polini family, making wine is not just a tradition but a choice of life, which imposes daily challenges but that we take up with passion and determination. Living in our countryside, protecting the landscape and its health, we strive to produce wines that reflect its peculiarities, aromas, colours and flavours. This is what each of us decided to do when the call of the wine was so strong that we couldn’t do anything else. Organic farming and the constant need for innovation and research help us to enhance our native vines such as Pecorino, Passerina, Sangiovese and Montepulciano.


As has been said, it all began when Vincenzo Polini, who had emigrated to Argentina years earlier in search of fortune, returned to Italy and bought the first plots of land.
It was his son, Giuseppe Polini, who planted the first vineyards in Val Menocchia, and discovered their extraordinary potential.


Giuseppe’s son, Gabriele Polini and his wife Anna, have always worked in the family business and in 1995 bought new land and a ruined building in the hills along the Aso river valley.

In a position that looks north, opposite the Val Menocchia, it is a land perfectly in the centre between the sea breezes and the fresh winds from the Sibillini Mountains, so is a perfectly precious home for native white grape varieties, such as Passerina and Pecorino.

It is here that 12 hectares of vineyards are planted and massive renovations are carried out, aimed at preserving the ancient structural elements of the old farmhouse and introducing innovations to accommodate the cellar for winemaking.


On May 6, 2006, after years dedicated to conversion, the vineyards of both Carassanesi valleys were certified organic.
In 2011 two photovoltaic systems were set up to recover the energy necessary for all the activities of the winery, which over the years has equipped itself with modern equipment and technologies.


Gabriele and Anna’s children, the fourth generation of the Polini family enter the business: Paola, Alessandra and Luca.
Today they all work together on the same project that they love to share with all wine lovers who come to visit; to stroll through the vineyards, discover the winery more closely or enjoy a glass of wine where it is all created.

The wine is also the story of the family and of all the people who have spent work, passion and sacrifice on it.