E’ nell’intreccio tra le persone e le idee, tra la terra ed i gesti, tra il vento, il sole e la pioggia che prendono vita progetti autentici.


Luca has always loved wine: he searches for it, tastes it and understands it constantly.
A wine technician, he takes care of the whole wine-making process of the grapes that arrive in the cellar at harvest time. But even before that, he checks that all manual and agromechanical processes in the vineyard are carried out as accurately as possible, for the health of the vine and a quality production are vital.


Anna, a profound connoisseur of vine growth processes, organizes and participates in seasonal work in the vineyards. Winter pruning is her greatest skill, and thanks to her Le Cana have the best of grapes every harvest. You can also often find her in the cellar, where she creates delicious combinations for tastings of our wines.


Alessandra deals with the entire administrative and bureaucratic sector of the business.
A familiar voice for our customers and suppliers, she is a precious support to choose the right path among the many and rigid rules of our work.
However, when the office is closed, you will also find her talking about wine during the tastings in the cellar.


Luca is in charge of sales, he personally knows all our agents and customers in the sector.
He organizes orders and deliveries to ensure that each restaurant has our own correct variety of wine ready to put on the table.


Luca is divided between seasonal work in the vineyards and work in the cellar, both during the harvest and during the year. He is also often busy with deliveries and it could be he who personally delivers our wine to you.

Paola E Vera

Paola and Vera – her delightful daughter – take care of the reception at the store in the cellar, which is open every day for wine tastings and purchases. Since 2019, the opening year of the apartments, they have been making sure that every guest who stays with us can take away a precious memory of our land and a great desire to return.


Gabriele is the great boss, he is the one who together with Anna allowed their dream to be their childrens too: to cultivate the vines with respect, produce quality wine and host people who could appreciate it and spread the news of the beauty and power of the land.
He is present almost everywhere between the cellar and the vineyards, carefully checking that everything is going well and up to his highest standards.