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We are a family of winemakers and have been living and producing wine in the Piceno region for four generations.

The Le Canà winery boasts a history spanning over a hundred years and tells of generations of winemakers and proves how it is still possible to pass on the love for the land and the territory.

The wines encapsulate the Piceno in a simple and natural way: a place far from the main roads, where nature, silence and traces of a not so distant past make it a special world apart.

This is a land that we have been preserving with organic farming since 2006, enabling us to transfer its soul made of strength and wealth, to wine.

Siamo testimoni della nostra terra, che preserviamo da oltre 15 anni con agricoltura biologica e l’utilizzo di energie rinnovabili: trasferire nel vino la sua vera anima, fatta di forza e ricchezza, è la nostra mission.

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The StoryWho we are

It all began in 1920, when Vincenzo Polini, who had emigrated to Argentina years earlier in search of achieving his fortune, returned to his country of origin – Italy. He settled in Carassai in the Marche, and bought the first plots of land.

Since then, because of authentic experience between the vineyards and cellars, our family has become a testamonial to their land and promoters of sincere, elegant and generous wines.
The name ‘Le Cana’ comes from a feature in the teachings of the winemaking tradition: they were the first wooden containers used to crush the grapes and collect the ‘must’, important symbols of a long winemaking, technological and human evolution.
The oldest winemaking knowledge always remains as the basis for a future that looks to innovation and constant research.

We are protectors of our land, which we have been preserving for over 15 years with organic farming and the use of renewable energy. Our mission is transferring its true soul, made up of strength and wealth, to wine.

There are now four generations of the Polini family representing a single winemaking history spanning almost a hundred years.